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Suriname travel insurance

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Suriname travel insurance

Suriname has the perfect blend of its past influences and its thriving progression. Added to this wonderful mix is the delightful natural setting and a civilization that is nothing less than enchanting. Your travel experience here will be truly enriching, so what are you waiting for?

Nieuw Nickerie is the destination to begin your journey. Here, you will find a lot of rice and banana plantations that make for a picturesque view against the wonderful coastal area. Next, travel ahead to Totness through which you will reach Groningen. Here, you will find a lot of colonial remnants from the Dutch civilizations that migrated here. Next, travel ahead to the capital city of Paramaribo. Here, you will find a perfect blend of the old colonial Dutch buildings, small scale shops run by the locals and a lot of artists selling their colourful painting. Paranam is your next destination. You will find a lot of reconstructed plantations that have been converted into smelters for the aluminum production. Travel ahead to Moengo, where you must visit the iconic Casa Blanca villa. Finally, end your journey at Albina which is popular for its pristine beaches. Travel here and you can be lucky enough to spot the local turtles laying their eggs during the peak season.

When it comes to the popular attractions there, nature lovers can truly rejoice. There are plenty of nature reserves and wild life parks that are home to several local and exotic species. A must visit are the Central Suriname Nature Reserve and the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve. Trekkers and hikers can climb the majestic Julianatop, which will be well rewarding for its majestic view and biodiversity. You must also visit the Brokopondo Reservior which apart from being an architectural accomplishment, has also contributed to the welfare of the country. Take a trip down the colonial past with a visit to Fort Zeelandia. As a former Dutch fort today it stands as a Surinamese museum.

The cuisines of Suriname are a true delight due to its ethnic diversity and outside cultural influences. Most of the cuisines found here will have an influence of the Javanes, East Indian and Chinese cultures. You can try the roti, nasi goreng, bakmi, pom, snesi foroe, moksi meti, and losi foroe. Salted meat and stockfish is also a popular delight here. For lovers of the hot and spicy, do try the meals which include the infamous Madame Jeanette peppers. For the beverages, do try the fresh fruit juices that include exotic and tropical fruits. Dawet and lassi is also popular along with parbo beer.

There are plenty of activities one can indulge in here, ranging from relaxing to adrenaline driven rush. Trekking and hiking amongst the local attractions is one such popular pastime. There are various tours that can be undertaken to nearby attractions amongst the many others. Additionally the coastal areas and lakes provide plenty of water borne activities. They include swimming, diving, boating and cruising amongst many others.

You can plan your trip that is only filled with the best of adventures and memories. However many a times, you will face unexpected incidents and events that can hamper your trip and even cause harm to your safety. While you cannot avoid such incidents, it is best to be well prepared. In order to do so, you must apply for a safety net. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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