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Sri Lanka Travel Insurance

Sri Lanka Travel Insurance

Sri Lanka is a stunning island country in the Indian Ocean that is flooded with unforgettable travel experiences in a cute little package. Though, its past is strained with civil war, today this proud little island has the vibrant ethos that will surprise the most jaded travellers too. The mountains, archaeological ruins, beaches, wildlife, and adventure merge to create a rocking, mind-blowing holiday experience. Sri Lanka is the new refresh button in the world of travel.

Begining with Colombo and navigating through the city life and the stunning skyline, the Sri Lankan vacation leads to Kandy, the spiritual and cultural centre of the country. Then, there are the cave temples at Dambulla, the rock citadel at Sigiriya, and medieval Sri Lanka’s finest art and architecture at Polonnaruwa. But, you must also chase the leopards in Yala National Park, watch the dolphins in Kalpitiya, and check out the exotic flora and fauna at Horton Plains National Park. The rare and fascinating birds in Bundala National Park and proud elephants in Uda Walawe National Park are just too majestic and fascinating to be missed.

The Buddha Statues at Seema Malakaya, Galle Road outlets, National Museum of Colombo, Dutch Period Museum, Gangarama Vihara temple and nightlife in Colombo seem the pinnacle of cultural experiences, it is not. Without the ruins of ancient capitals in Anuradhapura, the traditional dances in Kandy and the real local spa massage in the villages, you haven’t seen it all. The beauty of this cute little island lies in how gracefully it blends simplicity and complexity to create some awe-inspiring moments.

For most travellers, Sri Lankan cuisine is a version of Kerala cuisine. For most part they are right. But, it has its own distinct flavour and style. Though, most ingredients and spices remain the same, you must enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s flavoursome and savoury dishes like Fish Curry and Mixed Rice, Malu Ambul thiyal, Pittu and Crab Curry. Some of the local sweets have a high calorie content. But boy! Are they delicious? So, do check out Kiri Bath, Peni Walalu, Aluwa and Kokis.

Don’t worry about burning calories. Hike through the paddy fields, trek up the mountains, scuba dive into coral gardens of the Indian ocean and catch a glimpse of the magnificent blue whales. Sri Lanka trips can be like visiting God’s back yard. It has wilderness, adventure and slice of nature as God intended. Immerse into its spirit, live the sensational travel moments and leave all the strains of reality behind.

The sheer joy of Sri Lanka holiday may overwhelm you to notice that it is still a developing country miles behind the developed nations. So, whether you need medical assistance, air travel support, or legal protection, Flexicover is right by your side. This kind of holistic support lets you relax and enjoy every moment of your vacation.

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