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Russia travel insurance

Russia travel insurance

This land of Czar driven empire transformed into a communist nation. Evolving through the trying times, today, it is a modern country with the “hip quotient”. From the land of ancient grandeur, literary geniuses and modern leisure, Russia is the new, fascinating and dynamic country today. The glitter in a new form has bedazzled the travellers, who love the modern look with the historic touch.

Moscow – the elite capital is known for its historic footprint that survived the upheavals of the past. But St. Petersburg is the “uber-cool cultural stunner” and is also known as “Russia's Window to the West”. Kazan is the heart of Volga region and Sochi located on the Black Sea coast is a popular retreat during the summer months; of course it is also famed for hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics games. Other cities you may want to visit in Russia are Kamchatka, Kizhi, Volgograd and Vladivostok. Check out the hermitage museum of St. Petersburg along with the rising number of the art galleries sprawling in the St. Petersburg and Moscow areas. Visit the largest mosque in Europe – Qolsarif Mosque, which is located in Kazan. But, the most breathtaking art in Russia is the historic churches across the country. The gigantic Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Kirilo Belozsky Monastery, St. Sophia’s cathedral and Volokolamsk Monastery have stunning views and a vivid history.

Explore the Sanduny Bath and its roman aristocratic feel along with the rich wood carvings in the Gothic room. Catch a show in Mariinsky Theatre – the most impressive and famous theatre for opera and ballet performances in St. Petersburg. See the Military parade on Victory day in almost every city of Russia. Check out the Moscow international film festival. Whether you are a shopaholic or a routine tourist, you will be propelled to buy some of the local souvenirs. The wooden dolls, warm hats, the Russian wrist watches and the Russian tea are great choices. Your journey can be almost incomplete if you don’t party till wee hours, check out the local folk dances and enjoy a train journey in Russia.

Russian cuisine is just as diverse as well. You cannot narrow it down to few cooking techniques or recipes either. The Soviet multi-cultural experience is visible in a great many dishes like Okroshka, Botvinya, Shchi, Ukha, Rassolnik, Solyanka, Kholodets, Pelmeni, Kotlety, Shashlyk, Blini, Kissel, Lymonnyk, and Oladyl. The exquisite and peculiar taste defines the Russian cuisine. Though, cooking technique and cuisine seem very unusual, the Russian delicacies are worth the taste.

Enjoy the adrenaline-pumping adventure sports in Russia as this vast land will have no shortage of choices. You can go hiking or trekking. The most popular choices are skiing, snowboarding, ice diving and fishing. This snow-clad country has the perfect locations for these winter sports like Mount Elbrus for snowboarding and Cheget and Volen Sports Park for skiing.

Whether you are travelling for adventure and excitement or to just soak up the culture, put your safety first and take travel insurance with Flexicover. And we offer multiple travel insurance options. So, you can choose the right travel insurance for you.

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