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Poland Travel Insurance

One of the largest countries in central Europe, Poland is overflowing with an exotic medieval history and a wonderful rich filled past. With endless unspoiled landscape and unique attractions at every corner, Poland is your one stop destination, for a perfect vacation get away!

Start off with the city of Szczecin that is overrun with students visiting the various architectural monuments scattered here. Travel to the port city of Gdansk and walk along the cobbled streets of the main town. Bialystok should be your next destination, see the captivating metropolis life with the taste of the culture that exists here. Move onto the lively streets of Warsaw for most of Poland’s fun and adventurous night life. Walk through the buzzing market life of Poznam, take a stroll down the river Odra in Wroclaw, visit the old mills converted into a snazzy business centre in Lodz and finally finish your journey at the royal capital of Krakow.

Poland is not without its exciting and attractive monuments that will leave visitors wanting for more. Visit the great Wawel Cathedral that has seen several coronations, funerals and entombments of Poland’s monarchs and important men over the centuries. Classical music lovers cannot miss the Chopin Museum that is home to the country’s most famous composer. You cannot miss the iconic macabre chapel in the Church of St Bartholomew’s grounds where human skulls and bones deck the walls and ceilings. If that is not enough of a thrill, visit the salt mines of Wieliczka, where everything is carved in blocks of salt.

The cuisines in Poland comprise of a delightful set of mouthwatering dishes. The traditional cuisines are rich in meats, sauces and a variety of vegetables. Each meal begins with course of soup where borshct is the most common choice. The traditional Pierogi or Golabki is normally served alongside other side dishes. The hunters stew or Bigos is a must have and can easily be washed down with the local alcoholic beverage of vodka, but with care.

Poland is not without its variety of adventure sports, making it one of the best countries for seasonal sports! While winter is the best time for ice swimming in the lake Galadus or ice yachting on the lakes, summer is the ideal time for a hike in the lush filled forests. Tandem parachute down the mountains or trek the Carpathian Mountains !

No matter how you plan your trip there are certain factors that need to be kept in priority especially when it comes to security for you and your family. With the distinct possibility of mishaps and disasters that might occur, a safety net is a welcoming liberation. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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