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Pakistan travel insurance

Pakistan travel insurance

Pakistan may have a reputation for the morbid and its extremist culture but do not let that fool you into thinking that is all it has to offer. It is a destination that has so much to offer to its visitors especially with its rich Mughal history, architectural glories, ancient bazars or an urban ambiance. Travel here today and discover the beauty that lies beneath the secrets that are untold here.

Karachi is the place to begin your journey. This rich and diverse cosmopolitan city has a lot to offer to its visitors especially with its beautiful and artistic mosques as well as its equally beautiful beaches. You next destination is Hyderabad. Here, you will find several remnants from the early civilization like the ruins of the Mauryan fishing village and several old buildings with the distinctive ‘manghu’ or ‘badgir’ architectural design. Sukkur is your next destination. Here, a must visit are the various tombs that houses several royal individuals as well as many others. Next, travel ahead to Multan which is known for its remarkable shrines and mosques. Lahore is your next destination. This culture and artistic rich city is home to the historical remnants of the Mughal and British rule, in addition to a rich spiritual center comprising of the qawwali and Sufism culture. Travel ahead to the city of Rawalpindi, which is best known for its rustic environment and liveliness that unbound by the urban ambiance. Its sister city of which is the capital city of Islamabad is next on your destination. Here, you can view the thriving urbanism first hand and its several other attractions. Finally, finish your journey at Gilgit. The dusty bazars and its colourful ambiance and lively atmosphere are definitely worth a visit.

With its rich cultural history, there are plenty of beautiful and mesmerizing attractions that will leave you mesmerized and in awe. Visit the beautiful Badshahi Mosque which is one of the largest mosques and famous landmark in the country. For a historical trip to the past, visit the iconic and graceful Lahore Fort which was built during the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. Check out the Petroglyphs near the Indus Bridge which includes a detailed Buddhist tableau and inscriptions of travellers name right from the 1st century AD. Apart from this, a must visit is the Harappa Site which contains very few remnants of its ancient civilization but yet a few structures still remain standing as a symbol of its past. Visit the beautiful Jehangir’s Tomb, known for its intricate Arabic calligraphy work and decorated marble tracery in the interiors.

The Pakistani cuisine is known to have a delectable blend of various regional cooking traditions and of the Indian subcontinent which also include influences from the Middle Eastern, Iranian and Afghan cultures. The cuisine varies greatly from region to region, reflecting the country's ethnic and cultural diversity. Roti or naan is normally served with each meal with a vegetable or meat dish. Alternatively different varieties of rice prepared in different methods and ingredients are also found. You can try the siri payay or the nihari cuisines or even the delectable bong cuisines. Desserts include a delightful range of kheer,gulab jamun, shahi tukray, gajraila, qulfi or ras malai which will guarantee to satisfy your sweet tooth. You have a variety of beverages you can consume, which also include different varieties of tea amongst others.

There are limited activities one can do here. You can visit the many attractions here. You can even go to the beach and indulge in the various entertainment ventures here. Shop at any of the exciting bazars here and you can cop a good bargain. Visit the local restaurants or food outlets and you can taste the true flavor of the country through its specially prepared meals.

No matter where you travel or how prepared you are for your trip, there is always a possibility you will face unexpected mishaps or mayhem. Such events may not cause much disruption to your trip but it can harm your safety. Instead of taking a risk in such cases, it is best if you have a safety net as a backup. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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