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Netherlands travel insurance

Netherlands travel insurance

The Netherlands derived its name from the low lying area where most of the country is below the sea level. However, this has not stopped the beauty and nature of the Golden Dutch area from thriving even in today’s climate! Netherland is a picturesque essence of a perfect holiday escape with its endless fields of flowers and culturally rich history!

Experience the vivid colour and the history of Van Gogh’s Museum, where he takes you on an exciting journey from the dark and sombre to the vibrant colour. Visit the various salt ferns and grass covered dunes escape along with other exotic flora running along the west coast, which will be a definite delight for nature lovers at the Texel Dunes National Park. There is an excellent visitor centre at the Ecomare wildlife reserve to take a delightful walk through the natural beauty of Netherlands fauna. If flowers are your weakness, the gift shops at the Amsterdam Tulip Museum will definitely make you weak at the knees, as it is overflowing with floral souvenirs.

Alternatively there are many unique attractions that are well worth a trip. Take a stroll through Begijnhof where the historic Beguines lived in charming tiny houses with their small gardens. Experience the history of the Netherlands when you visit Abdij, which houses the regional government and three churches. The captivating open air Buiten museum and the indoor Binnen museum offer insight into the Netherlands colourful history. Travel by the train and you can enjoy the artistic architecture of the Broninger Museum with its delightful structure.

The Netherlands boasts of exquisite and delectable cuisines that bring out the essence of its nature in each bite. Try the traditional Dutch recipe of roasted Dutch rib-eye with dried apricots and Frisian sausage, or Pollock with fennel and Zeeland mussel foam, a definite delight for the adventurous foodies. Spring time brings you an enchanting array of seafood cuisines of king crab with salted lemon and oysters with vanilla sea salt and gin and tonic foam. And you definitely do not want to miss out on the beurre blan ice cream and caviar or the lamb saddle with star anise as a delightful dessert.

The Netherlands is not without is exciting events and adrenaline rushing events. Twirl to the beat and shake a leg with the carnivals of Maastricht and Oerol outdoor performance festivals. Cycle along lively riverlands and through haunting castles, while visiting the famous cheese town of Gouda. Take advantage of the local Dutch golf course for a calm afternoon out and get rewarded with a view of the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk. You can visit Sloterparkbad, an attractive recreational area with a yacht harbour and indoor and outdoor pools for a relaxing dip.

No matter how you plan your trip, it is important to ensure that safety comes first. A safety net is always a welcoming relief when unexpected misfortune occurs. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance, gap year travel insurance and long stay cover, ensures that you are well equipped for almost any eventuality.

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