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Nepal Travel Insurance

It is set in the warm snuggle of Himalayan Mountains. With just 56,000 Sq. Km of area, this cute land-locked country flaunts such a breathtaking landscape that a trip to Nepal is almost unavoidable. A true traveller; a nomad at heart, is drawn to the treks that give a close up view of the Himalayas. But the adrenaline spike of adventure sports and the warm local people of Nepal do zing your holiday with true indigenous flavour. Nepal; at its core, is a compelling journey with or without the pinnacles of Annapurna or Mount Everest.

Kathmandu; capital of the royal kingdom, is more than just a starting point. It splashes the true glory of Nepalese culture with its temples, monasteries, museums, and more. So, step out of hotel and visit Kathmandu Durbar Square and participate in the local festivals; if you can. Next up, you can visit Bhaktapur, a UNESCO world heritage site that glows with its temples and cultural treasures. Do visit Nyataponla temple from 1702 BC, while you are in town. Alternatively, you can visit Boudhanath; which is just 7 km away from Kathmandu. It houses one of the largest stupas in the world.

But, then again, you will be itching to see the real beauty of Nepal. Hidden in the high hills and nooks and corners of villages, there is so much joy, splendour and passion to explore. Visit Pokhara; the lakes and waterfalls are a true delight to see and dive into. Go canoeing, kayaking, paragliding and ultra lighting. Catch the glimpse of the tigers and rhinos in Chitwan National Park. However, Annapurna and Everest circuits have several dream challenges waiting to be conquered. But, a visit to the innocent and untouched village of Manaslu is just an amazing experience.

The divine blend of Hindu and Buddhist dishes is the highlight of the Nepalese food. The true magic in this simple cuisine is not gastronomic per se. Sure, you might have tasted Momos. That hardly seems unique. But, the secret to delicious yet simple delicacies is great produce, unique fusion and the fetching ambience. So, do try the local delicacies, especially around the festivities. Pulao, Alu Tama, Masu, Puwa, Gundrook-Dheedo, Kinema, Satoo, Golfuki, Lawa, Thukpa and Khatte are truly worth the taste.

Yet, it would be a sin to return home without a sip of Tongba or Rakshi; the local liquor. However, to enjoy true Nepalese high, some of the local adventures are enough. Enjoy a hot balloon ride over Kathmandu and tandem parachute over the lakeside of Pokhara. Alternatively, you can go mountain biking from Thimi to Kodari, or go bungee jumping from the bridge over Bhoti Kosi River. However, the real razzle-dazzle in Nepal adventure is trekking, of course. There are beginners, intermediary, and advanced treks as well. So do include some glorious summit to chase in your Nepal itinerary.

But, you cannot forget that Nepal doesn’t have the best infrastructure. The adventure sports carry some inherent risks and airlines can make mistakes in luggage storage. So, be a smart traveller and get the Flexicover travel insurance to protect you and your holiday. Fact is; after all the planning, booking and expenses, it won’t be the trip you imagine; if you risk it to save a few pennies.

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