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Malta travel insurance

Malta travel insurance

Packing centuries of history into a small area is no easy task, but the beauteous country of Malta manages to do this with a finesse that is breathtaking! With amazing beaches, awe-inspiring architecture as well as an excellent setting for a pulsating nightlife, Malta offers a great deal.

Start with the Azure Window, relax on one of the many magnificent beaches or spend the day lazing on a day cruise around the islands. You can also go ahead and visit Fort Rinella, explore the Comino and the beautiful Blue Grotto. The history buffs among us need to make some time to visit sites like the Megalithic Temples of Malta, the Hypogeum of Aal-Saflieni and Aagar Qim. Other sites like the Tarxien Temples, the National Museum of Archaeology and the Manoel Theatre are also worth the visit.

Apart from sites for explorations, Malta also offers quite a few activities that are both fun and interesting. Go for a ride on the local water taxis of Malta, which go by the name Dghajsa! These are probably the best way to explore the three main cities of Malta. You can also go ahead and blow some glass and watch local professionals work at their craft. The village festa is another event that one can’t miss here! From decorated streets, all-night parties and fireworks aplenty, every evening spent here will a sight to behold!

Beyond the parties, though, wining and dining is a big part of the Malta experience. Start off with a plate of Zebbug Mimli, make your way to a helping of Fazola bajda bit-tewm u t-tursin and feast on some Ful bit-tewm. Don’t let the unpronounceable names daunt you, though, for the food of the island matches the rest of its many wonders! For those who like meat, a plate of Stuffat tai-fenek, some Fenek moqli and Falda Mimlija may be tempting! Words to the wise, though; check which meat you are ordering before tucking into the meal!

Food and fun is only one part of the allure that is Malta, though. The island also boasts a robust adventure sports trend that is definitely worth sampling. From water skiing, windsurfing to sea-kayaking, this destination has it all. You can also go in for a session of wakeboarding or paragliding as well. And a session of waterpolo, canoeing, fishing, yachting and sailing can also be enjoyed!

It is essential, though, to have all the right safeguards in place before heading to Malta. With a range of travel insurance, single trip, annual and gap year and long stay travel insurance cover, Flexicover can help ensure a safe travel around this country. Whether you lose your luggage, miss that essential flight or start feeling sick, just a few minutes of preparation can ensure that your valuable time and invested effort is well protected.

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