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Maldives Travel Insurance

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Maldives Travel Insurance

This secluded archipelago of 192 coral islands prides itself in being more than an island holiday. Maldives has every leisure delight for island holiday goers. But, take time out to explore its culture, shopping and art trips, and you will realise why Maldives gets called as a treasure island. It is so much more than a simple island getaway. Explore the ethereal sites of Maldives with cruise or dive deep into the deep blue Indian Ocean for a breathtaking view of vividly coloured soft corals and marine life. You can also surf above these waters for an unadulterated adrenaline rush. Maldives oozes serenity and beauty through these travel experiences that will broaden your imagination, brighten your spirit, and spice up your life.

Begin your trip at Male and head out to your dream island for true leisure experience. Maldives is a small group of islands so that you can stay on any island like Maafushi islands yet enjoy a holiday around the entire country. If you are a keen thrill seeker, you can travel around to islands like Guraidhoo. From Whale submarine to Old Friday Mosque, Maldives Island is a rich and diverse land of experiences. Newlyweds plan evenings around couple’s spa, candlelit dinner on private beaches and nightlife. Youngsters look out for most thrilling waves, hottest parties and coolest adventures while families venture out for sightseeing and activities like cruising, sailing and trekking.

If there is one thing that is unanimously captivating and fun for every traveller, it is Maldivian cuisine. Soaked with coconut, seafood and starch, Maldives dishes have the tropical South Indian flavour and personality of their own. Check out their skipjack tuna or traditional age-old dish like Gaudiya –a fish broth. Curry and roshi can be a everyday meal but you must consider some unique dishes like Kulhi Boakibaa, Bajiyaa, Gulha, Bambukeylu hiti, Theluli Mas, Finhunu Mas, Dhonkeyo Kajuru, etc. The rich and fascinating dishes will redefine your palette, if you can handle the spice, though.

Whether it is spicy dishes, idyllic beaches or adrenaline rush, all are abundantly present on these islands. Unadulterated waters, untouched beaches with exhilarating soft corals and marine life transform Maldives into adventure lover’s Mecca. Scuba divers, armature and experienced alike, visit Ari Atoll for rich biodiversity in marine life. There are several destinations across Maldives such as Vitavelli, Vagaru, and Madoogali that have some fascinating scuba diving and snorkelling experiences. Island of Thulusdhoo, Villingilimathi Huraa, Island of Himafushi in Male Atoll, Muli in Central Atoll and Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in South Atoll are known to have some of the most exhilarating and fascinating waves for surfers.

However, quite a few unanticipated things can go wrong on these islands. The privacy and seclusion of these islands can transform a luxury into trouble before you know it. So, prepare for it before you land in this scenic paradise. Opt for Flexicover travel insurance and secure your journey quickly and easily. Whether it is an adventure sports accident or airline luggage mishap, safeguarding your interest is vital indeed.

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