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Malaysia Travel Insurance

Malaysia, this exciting twin islands, divided by the South China Sea is an exceptional and beguiling destination. This popular tourist destination is flocked by outsiders for its tropical gold sandy beaches, wild rainforests and its futuristic cities filled with abundant lively locals. With its exotic marine beaches, to its artistic cities, visitors from around the world love Malaysia for its exciting moments!

Begin your journey from the region of Penang and visit the lively beach resorts and traditional sleepy fishing villages scattered around this location. Move into the city of Kuala Lumpur and witness the beautiful heritage and modern architecture in the streets. Your next stop should include the lively city of Kuching that is filled with a kaleidoscope of cultures, crafts and cuisines which include both traditional and modern. Finally, your destination should be completed in the land of Sabah, filled with colorful coral reefs and the exhilarating mountains.

This invigorating country is not without its iconic attractions and natural monuments. Visit the Gomantong caves for its exciting natural architectural limestone tubes and its housing of various ecosystems. Visit the hill of Batu Tulug for its strange and unique caves that reflect the cultural practices of the Oran Sungai people. Climb the trudging mountain of Mt. Kinabalu’s summit and get the experience of the beautiful horizon. Your itinerary should also include visiting the Sepilok Orang-Utan Rehabilitation Centre, where you can experience the live interaction of the cute fuzzy orange orangutans.

The cuisines here are to die for. Delectable and tantalizing, each cuisine is a gastronomic delight. Regional cuisines offer a captivating delight for visitors. Sample the dishes of Nyonya or Peranakan cuisine which is a fusion between Malay and Chinese cooking. Some of the other traditional dishes include Penang char kway teow, Kajang satay, Ipoh bean sprout chicken,Sarawak laksa, Kelantanese nasi dagang and Sabahan hinava, all which are equally delightful.

Looking for a run of adventure? Scuba dive in the popular islands of the east coasts and you can swim along the exciting marine life and amongst the colorful coral. Challenge the raging waters while you white water river raft down them for an exciting adventure. Visitors looking for a modest form of sport can always hike the exotic mountain ranges, or even hire a bike and ride along the trails.

With any trip, safety is always a must to be ensured for a safe trip. Although you cannot avoid any possible mishaps or problems, a safety net will always protect you from unseen problems. So, protect your travel with Flexicover and its different kinds of travel insurance plans, which are designed to support all kinds of travelers and their travel safety needs.

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