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Japan Travel Insurance

Japan Travel Insurance

This tiny water bound country is known for its entrancing culture and modern day life that attracts a lot of visitors from around the world. Although the landmass is small in nature, its opportunities for an escapade and thrill are abundant! The land of the rising sun is definitely the country for a traveler on an adventure like you!

Shapporo is your destination to begin your journey, with its amazing wildlife and spacious roads and its lush green landscapes. Move onto the vibrant and commercial city of Sendai, where the ancient culture of the Samurai is still felt here. Next, move onto the capital city of Tokyo and try not to get bedazzled by its traditional cultural blend with the modern. Nagoya is the sister city of Tokyo’s urban culture but with a big mountain heart and a homely feel. Move onto the humble city of Kyoto with its plethora of shrines and sublime gardens. Journey to the city of Osaka, known for its exquisite cuisines and meals that are known to satisfy any diverse palate and taste. Your next place of visit should be the iconic city of Nagasaki, with its cultural blend of the east and the west. Finish your journey on the lush fertile plains of Kagoshima.

Although small in nature, Japan has abundant attractions that can fill your stay will several joyful and exotic memories. Soak in the several hot water springs that can be found in selected hotels especially in waterside rotemburo-shrines. Visit the Reimeikan, which is home to the Satsuma history and the ancient art of sword making. Nature lovers can visit the wonderful garden of the Kawachi Fuji garden and walk under the exploding lavender arches of the blooming wisteria flowers. To experience the authentic art of this land, travelers should visit the Kagoshima City Museum of Art that houses a permanent collection of ancient and modern day art work.

Due to its origins, Japanese cuisine mainly comprises of fresh and seasonal ingredients to make some of their traditional and famous meals. Seafood meals are quiet abundant here and are a must have. The staple, white rice is normally served with most cuisines and noodles as an alternative. The sushi and sashimi are two of the most famous cuisines here which includes raw fish and vinegared rice. No meal is complete without the dash of any of the several seasonings of soy sauce, sake, mirin or dashi.

This country may be small, but the choices for adventure sports are unlimited in this small country. Go skiing or snowboarding on the slopes of the several snowy mountains. Hike along the hills and mountains of the lush green landscape or cycle down the steep slopes for a adrenaline thrill. Visitors have exciting choices to scuba dive amongst the aquatic wildlife or river raft on the waters of the raging river.

Although planning your trip is an exciting moment, you must always try and keep your family safe and secure. With the high possibility of any mishaps or misfortune occurring, a safety net is very much a welcoming relief. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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