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Israel travel insurance

Israel travel insurance

As a religious site, Israel is revered by Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. With magnificent relics, religious sites and breath-talking natural landscapes, you can lose yourself in history with a simple walk by the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Alternatively, you can thrill yourself with a dip in the Dead Sea or a quick trip to Caesarea!

While travelling through Israel, a visit to Jerusalem is a must! As one of the oldest religious cities in the world, you will find many landmarks like the Temple Mount to visit. Start with a quick trip around the 14 stations off the Via Dolorosa; stop at the Holy Sepulcher Church and end your walk with an excellent meal of falafel and shwarma! Other cities like Nazareth are also worth paying a visit! You should also make some time to go for a walk through the narrow cobblestone alleys of Safed!

Israel isn’t just about its cities, though. You must hike up the Golan Heights, take a dip in the Sea of Galilee or explore the Masada Ruins! And the experience of this destination will definitely not be compete without some time floating in the Dead Sea, having lunch in a Druze Village or exploring the Negev Desert. Travellers who really want to immerse themselves in the culture and feel of the country should also make some time to spend a night or two in the camps of the indigenous Bedouins!

A trip through this destination won’t be complete, though, without a thorough testing of all the culinary delights that can be had! Dig into a plate of freshly made Falafel! Mix it up with a generous helping of Hummus. Order a portion of authentically-made Shwarma! Sample some of the finest dishes in Israel, including the like of Jachnun and some Shakshooka!

While much of the experience that is Israel may seem mired in the past, a surprising part is devoted to placating the needs of thrill seekers from around the world! While this is definitely not recommended for the faint of heart, a chance to jump out of a plane is a thrill that no adrenaline seeker should do without! You can also partake in a myriad of water sport, go scuba diving, mountain biking or even take the chance to swim with dolphins at Eilat Dolphin Reef!

But the pursuit for that adrenaline kick should be tempered with a few plans in place if things go wrong. With a range of single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance or gap year travel insurance that can be customised for your needs, Flexicover is here to help!

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