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Ireland Travel Insurance

Ireland Travel Insurance

Ireland is a country that is famous for its timeless age caressed landscapes filled with energetic and fascinating people. Visit this lovely country for innumerable memories and experience of its heartwarming welcome to its breathtaking monuments!

Begin your journey with the city of Dublin that has a lot to offer to its visitors with its thousand year history enhanced by its heritage and sprinkled with intemperance. Experience the magic of mythical County Kerry with its medieval ruins and glacial lakes. County Cork comprises of a misty eyed vision of the country for the imagination of its visitors. County Galway, County Donegal and counties Mayo and Sligo are some of the other places where the natural beauty and endless landscapes captivates the visitors to this country.

As a country with endless monuments and history, Ireland never fails to live up to its reputation. The castles and aristocratic mansions of Trim and Cahir that are scattered on the Irish landscapes are testaments to the history and richness of the country. Experience the myth of the Blarney Stone , a cliché that has entered every glossary and tour route. Visit Castletown House , one of Ireland’s largest and imposing Georgian estate and a testament to the vast wealth of the Anglo Irish gentry. Take a trip to Kilkenny Castle, the Dunmore Caves and the monastic settlement of Glendalough where you will gain an insight into Irish folklore and history.

The food here is as enjoyable as the beauty of the monuments. With a mouth-watering set of local dishes to be sampled, visitors will have a variety of choices to choose from! Experience the traditional pot of colcannon, an Irish potato and kale dish which is a common meal in every house hold. Sink your teeth into the delectable Barmbrack, a kind of currant cake which contains a golden ring. The eating of seafood, particularly shellfish has always been very popular in Ireland, especially in coastal cities. Dublin Lawyer is a meal where the lobster is traditionally cooked in whiskey and cream.

And last but not the least; Ireland offers its visitors exciting events! Swim with Fungie where water enthusiasts can have the company of the Dingle dolphin to entertain you as you swim in the sea. Take a walk into the National Ecology Centre where nature lovers can learn about sustainable living and organic horticulture. The Deer Park Golf Course is the perfect place for the golf buffs who can spend an afternoon amidst the splendid views of Dublin Bay and the surrounding countryside

No matter where you travel, your safety should be a priority. A safety net is always welcome against impending mishaps and calamities Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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