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Hungary Travel Insurance

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Hungary Travel Insurance

Amidst the fascinating arena lies this ever-so-unassuming European country that very few brag about. But, Hungary, in spite of its no-qualms stature, has an intoxicating blend of history, nature, art, cuisine, spa, and events. The list of sights and leisure activities is surprisingly long for a country smaller than Indiana; USA. Therefore, pack your swimsuit and head to this exotic destination with a heart full of hope and a pocket full of Euros.

Begin with the fun of seeing two cities in one stay as you enjoy Budapest’s finest travel moments. Budapest is more than the historical city with thermal spas. It has the cultural heart and modern flamboyance. Splurge on shopping, opera tickets, gourmet Hungarian cuisine and Hungarian wine and you will cherish the true cultural marvel of Hungary. Check out the Debrecen and Eger as these towns are loaded with the old-town vibe and fun ventures. The cafes in Gyor, cave baths in Miskolc and engulfing ethos of cultural towns like Pecs will leave its footprint of your mind, spirit and body.

Budapest is known for its royal palace, Chain bridge, St. Stephen’s basilica, Buda hill, and the Blue Danube. But you must make time for some of Hungary’s UNESCO World Heritage sites like the old village of Hollóko, caves of Aggtelek Karst, and early Christian Necropolis of Pécs. While these cultural sites have much to delight, you will need to explore the Hungarian natural bliss with the Lake Tisza bird Reserve, Kiskunsági Nemzeti Park, Lake Balaton and some of the 1000 thermal springs.

Though traditionally, their cuisine is known as Magyar cuisine, the Hungarian cuisine has evolved to the elegance of French cuisine with portions of German cuisine. A must-try, everyone talks about is the Goulash. The rich variety of the local gastronomic experiences include some savoury and spicy dishes like, Csirke Paprikás, Lecsó, Rakott Krumpli, Töltött Káposzta, Töltött Paprika, Fozelék, Túrós Csusza, Lángos, and St. Martin's Goose. You will need to try out the melting-in-your-mouth desserts like Szilvás Gombóc, Mákos Guba, Gundel Palacsinta, Császármorzsa, Arany Galuska, Bejgli, Esterházy Cake, or Kürtos Kalács if you don’t have the palette for paprika. It is part of most savoury Hungarian dishes, so watch out!

Hungary is not the extreme sports lover’s dream. But, it does have some awesome adventures to get your adrenaline rising. Loaded with adventure parks, Hungary is perfect for family fun. However, go to Siófok shore or Lake Velenece, for surfing, wind surfing and parasailing adventures. Lake Tisza is ideal for water skiing and the lake of Szalkszentmárton is an awesome choice for scuba diving. But, there is no adventure around River Danube and the view of the river is serene and an exotic spot away from the world. From Formula 1 drive court to skiing in Eplény , or Kékesteto, Hungary is one thrilling joyride.

In the midst of all the fun, do not ignore your safety. It is crucial to wholesome enjoyment of your Hungary trip, right? With paprika loaded cuisine, extreme adventures and air travel mishaps, Flexi cover is the ideal travel insurance. You can depend on their single trip and multi-trip travel insurance covers to provide the perfect safety net for your travel experience.

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