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Germany travel insurance

Germany travel insurance

From magnificent medieval castles to a mind-boggling number of beers to choose from, Germany brings a host of experiences to any traveller. With rolling vineyards swaying for attention with grim World War II landmarks, Germany brings to the table a perfect contrast, mixing the traditional with the modern world! While visiting this country, you must go ahead and enjoy a classical or techno music performance, take in a Bavarian beer garden or hit one of the many night clubs in Berlin!

Start your trip in the picturesque Berlin and visit the famed Berlin Wall. Take a few days to travel to Munich and Heidelberg. Explore the famous Schloss Neuschwanstein or any of the many beautiful castles that dot the banks of the Rhine. Travel to Cologne Cathedral and other worthy additions to your German itinerary like the Holstentor and the Bradenburg Gate. The old city of Heidelberg and the River Rhine are also places that you cannot do without visiting!

Apart from landmark destinations, though, Germany also boasts of a number of experiences that you can’t do without! When in the motherland, one must attend the actual Oktoberfest and sample the many kinds of beers in the Beer Gardens! Germany also has a long standing tradition of being the ultimate spa destination! Go ahead and treat yourself to a salt or mud bath or go in for a sauna session or a dip in a thermal hot spring!

But the best part of Germany has to be sampling all the many kinds of cuisines available here! Go and visit one of the many bakeries that can be found across the region! You should also have a traditional German breakfast, which comes with a number of bread rolls, hard cheeses, butter, honey, jams, meats and sliced vegetables to choose from. Try some Aachener Printen, feast on a plate or three of Currywurst and sample some of the very famous Rouladen that Germany is known for!

Germany is not just paradise for those looking for a gourmet experience, though. For those in need of adventure, there are quite a few options to choose from. You can go hiking, mountain cycling, skiing and snowboarding across many of its magnificent mountain ranges. Water sports like canoeing and kayaking across the region’s major rivers are also popular. You can even try your hand at an afternoon of sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing!

No matter what the plan, though, it is important to travel safe! No matter how well you plan, there may be a mishap that you can’t foresee. Flexicover, with its range of travel insurance quotes, will help you plan for almost every eventuality. With a range of single trip insurance, gap year insurance and long stay travel insurance, we help safeguard your German getaway!

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