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Czech Republic Travel Insurance

Czech Republic Travel Insurance

With an eye catching landscape and cultural colourful history, the Czech Republic is a fine destination for a one stop holiday getaway! With two conjoined ancient lands that make up the modern day Czech Republic, beautiful and cultured cities filled with exciting endeavours of music and art scenes, each day in this amazing country will be a new experience to take back home!

Begin your journey from the ancient land of Bohemia, and experience the origins of the unconventional bohemian lifestyle that was born here. Travel onto the lands of Moravia, where you can experience the authentic and vintage culture of the region, and then onto Brno for a completely opposite experience. Walk into the cities of Prague and Cesky Krumlov for a more lively appeal and the ideal traveller’s destination that is comparable to a secret ingredient in a special recipe.

Apart from these iconic cities, there are several monumental attractions that are worth experiencing on your trip. Take a trip through the myriad of winding tunnels of the Machocha Caves and experience the wonderful natural architectural beauty of mother nature. Enjoy a fishing expedition and you might be lucky enough to catch a prize fish in the exotic lakes under the Palava hills. You cannot miss the most iconic structure of the Holy Trinity Column, which is the towns pride and joy, known to be the biggest single baroque sculpture in central Europe.

The Czech Republic is not known just for its unique attractions. Visitors have a choice between the traditional meals and the more contemporary ones. The traditional Czech meal is filled with a heavy and fatty delight, and mostly consumed during the winter time. The more contemporary option involves a light selection of cooked vegetables. Visitors can try the traditional three course meal which comprises of a hot soup in the beginning, a meat based side dish as the second, and lastly a pastry or an equally fitting dessert of vegetable salad!

The Czech Republic is not without its adventure sports and exciting activities! Buy a map and take an impulsive hike amongst the blazing marked trails for a discovery of nature. Go swimming in the ‘koupaliste’, that are designated public swimming areas around the country. Grab a cycle or pair of inline skates and travel around the cities to experience the wonderful culture first hand!

As with any trip you undertake, one must ensure that safety comes first. With the possibility of mishaps and problems that can occur without any warning, a safety net is always a welcome relief. Flexicover with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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