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Chile Travel Insurance

Chile Travel Insurance

Chile’s dynamic ocean waterfront is a popular element but so are its snow-covered volcanoes, rugged dry desert dunes and historic jungles. This glorious country flourishes with nostalgic vineyards, mystifying geoglyphs and massive southern glaciers. Enigmatic and riveting travel destinations in Chile exude mystery and eternal charm. From San Rafael Glaciers to the diving sites of Easter Island or Lauca national park, Chile will engage and mesmerise travellers with its unassuming simplicity and stunning beauty.

Starting from Santiago; the capital, your next stop can be any one of Chile’s classic tourism choices like Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Colchagua valley or Torres del Paine national park: Valparaiso is a port and a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site, San Pedro de Atacama is a hill town with panoramic views and Colchagua valley is known for its vineyards. You can also consider Punta Arenas, Valdivia, or La Serena. Though, there are several islands like Chiloe Island, Easter Island is the most popular island for Chile travel.

You will discover that Los Pingüinos Natural Monument is one misleading name because it houses more than 120,000 penguins. Chiloe Island is not your regular island trip either because this island is known for its architecture and culture. Rich architectural legacy and cultural heritage of Valparaiso reveals through brightly coloured houses. Each travel destination has its own magic. Torres del Paine national park is not known for its trees, butterflies or wild animals but for its glaciers, lakes and mountains which make heads turn here. Check out the three towers of Paine and you will be literally bowled over.

Though the Chilean cuisine shows a measurable influence of Italian, German and French cuisine, the rich food tradition of Chile arises from Spanish cuisine. An array of seafood from the Pacific Ocean, diverse agricultural produce and delightful wines set up quite an amazing platter. Some sensational and delicious Chilean dishes are Pebre, Longanizas de Chillán, Empanadas de pino, Arrollado huaso, Ajiaco, Carbonada, Ensalada a la chilena, Gambas al Pil Pil, Malaya, Chapalele, Pataska, Humitas, Chunchules con harina tostada, Lengua de vaca, Prietas, and Sopaipillas. True gastronomic delights!

Only adventures hold that magical prowess. Soak into majestic beauty of the Perito Moreno glacier which is a vast glacier sprawled over 250 sq. km of land. Check out the skunks, Andean condors, black-chested buzzard eagles, chilla foxes, culpeo foxesand guanacos in Torres del Paine national park. However, it is the overshadowing view of the towers that garner travellers’ attention. A night camp in the national park, an excursion to the penguin colony from Punta Arenas and sunrise amidst the icebergs of the Wendell Sea create some mesmerising adventures. But, none are better than skiing in Termas de Chillán or trekking up the mountains of Volcán Ojos del Salado.

What could be tougher than climbing up an active volcano? It would have to be dealing with an adventure accident or luggage delay in a foreign country without insurance. Take a free quote from Flexicover travel insurance and buy it online to support you through possible travel adversities and protect you and your holiday.

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