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Channel Islands travel insurance

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Channel Islands travel insurance

This cluster of islands is best known for their exquisite coastlines, mesmerizing harbours and old world charm. With the warm influence from the Gulf of St. Malo, the Channel Islands always enjoy a warm climate that is thrived upon by the subtropical plants and colourful array of bird life. So if you are looking for that perfect escapade, this destination is the perfect choice for you.

There are two major islands here known as bailiwicks wherein each has their own separate government. The bailiwick of Guernsey is one of the major islands here that comprise of other smaller islands. The surroundings here are extremely picturesque with several open countryside scattered around the place. The other islands that are associated with this island include Alderney, Sark, Herm, and Lihou amongst the many others. The Bailiwick of Jersey is the other major island in this location. This island in particular is home to the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy that is held in the early British countries. The major cities in the island include Saint Helier, Saint Lawrence, Saint Peter, Saint Mary and Saint Saviour amongst the many more.

When you travel here, a must visit is the Jersey War tunnels. A trip through this fascinating yet spooky museum will tell you a mesmerizing story of the German occupation during the WWII. In addition to this, you must also visit the Hauteville House. Home to Victor Hugo, the iconic writer of Les Miserables, this home come museum was an inspiration to his work. Today is stands in its former glory and well preserved. Apart from this, you can also view the several remnants of the Iron Age that have been discovered here. You can even find traces of Norse culture within the islands here.

Seafood cuisines are prominent here. Mussels, oysters, lobsters and crabs are prepared in a variety of different dishes and served. You can try the conger or nettle soup or even bean crock. Don’t forget to try the cabbage loaf or the apple dumplings. Les mervelles can also been eaten as a dessert. Any product made from jersey milk or black butter is definitely a must have if you are seeking for gastronome adventure. A lot of alcoholic drinks are sold here, but you will need the permit for it.

The countryside and coastal areas are perfect for trekking and hiking You can even opt for touring the different attractions and islands located here. Apart from this, the coastal areas are the perfect place to unwind and relax or even indulge in any water based activities. During the right season, you can go swimming, diving or even snorkeling. If you want to work on your tan or even laze about, there are plenty of locations for it.

When planning a trip, care should be taken in such a way that your safety for yourself and your family is kept in priority. With a distinct possibility of mishaps and calamities occurring, a safety net is an ideal way to protect your loved ones. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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