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Cape Verde Travel Insurance

Cape Verde Travel Insurance

This tiny group of islands may seem small, but the exciting opportunities it has to offer here are endless. Situated just off the coast of West Africa, this tiny water bound island with its colourful culture and exciting activities is a paradise away from home!

Begin your journey at the town of Sao Filipe, set on the thrilling edge of the sea coast and filled with the charm and grace found in traditional Portuguese culture. Move onto the rambling urban city of Praia and experience the sprawling society in its beauty as it overlooks the raging ocean. Your next stop should be the island’s capital of Espargos. Located near the bustling airport and the lively ferry dock, this tiny town is one of the most active tourist spots ever. Head to the city of Cidade Velha, where it gained the status of an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009 as the first European settlement in the tropical region.

While these locations are exciting, Carpe Verde comes with its own monumental attractions that are worth exploring. Visit it’s cinder cladded highest peak, Mount Fogo. This active volcano mountain rises out of the floor of an ancient crater and is surrounded by scenic hamlet houses. You cannot miss the nature tours at Naturalia, where you get the opportunity to watch turtles, whales or even exotic birds on the island. Visit the Museu Etnografico de Praia that houses traditional Cape Verde artefacts and treasures from many sunken ships, for a nostalgic trip down the history of Cape Verde.

Due to its geographical location, seafood cuisines are the most prominent meals here. The delectable fresh seafood is a delight to food lovers. Fish cuisines that contain Tuna and Wahoo are quiet a rage. You must try the Cachupa, the national dish made from maize and potato with fillings of fish or chicken as flavour. Sink your teeth into the delicious Lagostada, a local lobster dish filled with an exotic spices and flavour.

The opportunities for robust adventure sports and activities are quiet endless and exciting here! Go wind surfing on the lively waves of the local seas. Fancy a bit of speed, you can jet-ski along the water or canoe down the rivers in Santo Antao. You can even scuba dive into the crystal waters and enjoy the scenic coral reef. If you want a seemingly less exciting sport, you can always opt to go fishing.

Whatever plans you create alone or with your family, you must always remember that safety comes first and it should always be a priority to you. Unforeseeable mishaps are a possibility and having the right protection in place can be a welcoming relief. Flexicover offers a range of travel insurance (including single trip, annual multi-trip and gap year travel insurance) to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the unexpected. Let Flexicover travel insurance be a safety net to cover those possible journey hiccups.

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