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Canary Islands travel insurance

Canary Islands travel insurance

With rugged cliffs, vast expanses of forests and volcanoes, the Canary Islands are a perfect spot for a holiday. This Spanish archipelago, off the coast of Africa, offers a treasure trove of sightseeing experiences! Depending on your itinerary, visit Gran Canaria, one of the largest in this collection of islands and take a long, lazy stroll through its capital, Las Palmas. Other islands worth visiting include perennial favourites Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. With such variety on offer, it’s easy to lose yourself in the experience!

The Canary Islands, apart from beautiful landscapes and locations, offer a number of experiences to enjoy. You can ride a camel through Timanfaya National Park and trek up one of the many volcanoes that dot these islands or visit Mount Teide. Major cities like Las Palmas and Santa Cruz are also popular locations to visit. While the islands have many great locations to choose from, one the finest that should be visited is the Plaza Charco in Puerto de la Cruz. With cafés and boutiques all across the plaza, you can sample a variety of cuisines and shop to your heart’s content.

In its cuisine, this destination offers a mix of Spanish, Latin and African flavours. With a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, you’ll get light meals that taste exquisite! Start with caldereta, work your way up to a generous helping of sancocho canario and wind up your meal with some miel de Palma! While the main focus will always be on the local fish, other unique dishes should also be sampled; dishes like papas arrugadas, gofio and conejo en salmorejo are taste explosions when you visit the Canary Islands.

But it’s not just the views and the food that the Canary Islands are known for. The archipelago is also home to a range of adventure sports on both land and sea. Go kayaking, as it’s possibly the best way to explore these magnificent islands! Not to mention the myriad of other water sports available from snorkelling to scuba diving - the Canary Islands have it all!

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