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Bulgaria travel insurance

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Bulgaria travel insurance

Packed with amazing destinations and interesting sights, Bulgaria offer travellers a real range of options to choose from. With a maze of historical landmarks, natural wonders and architectural marvels to weave through, this destination may require more than one trip to cover everything!

Start your travel in Sofia, the capital and one of the major hubs of this country. Visit the city centre, enjoy the nightlife in any of the many bars, pubs and clubs and comb through a list of more than 250 historical landmarks and monuments! Other cities in Bulgaria that warrant a visit include Burgas, Lovech, Pirin and Gabrovo.

Bulgaria also serves up an expansive menu of the most unique landmarks to be found anywhere in Europe! Lounge on the Sunny Beach to soak up the sun, explore Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Boyana Church and make your way around the Borovets! Other highlights that should be included are the National Historical Museum, Musala, the Bachkovo Monastery and Saint Sofia Church. A must-see destination while travelling here is definitely the Perperikon!

While the cuisine of this destination may bear a passing resemblance to the Mediterranean style of cooking, Bulgaria comes with a list of unique dishes that are definitely worth tasting. Start out with a helping of Shopska Salad, try some Shkembe Chorba and feast on a serving or three of Sujuk and Lukanka. Once the main course is taken care of, save some place for a plate of delicious Banitsa and Mekitsa!

After all that excellent gorging, a bit of exercise may be warranted to chase away those unwanted calories. And Bulgaria has a growing list of adventure sports and activities designed to do just that! Ramp up your pulse with a game or two of paintball or even go mountain biking, bird watching, caving, fishing, hiking or horseback riding.

It’s easy, though, to forget about your personal wellbeing in all this. With so many activities, the chance of a sudden calamity cannot be ruled out. Thankfully, Flexicover comes to you with a range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap year travel insurance and long stay travel insurance quotes that are designed to keep you safe and secure.

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