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Brazil Travel Insurance

Brazil Travel Insurance

Located in the continent of South America, Brazil is one of the most vibrant and lively places to visit. With sand that resembles white gold, lush green rain forests and a wild rhythm driven society, this country provides you with endless opportunities for adventure!

Begin your journey with the city of Manaus the Amazon’s largest city. Due to its location in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, access to the city is primarily by boat or airplane. This isolation in turn has helped preserve both the nature and the culture of the city. The culture of Manaus, more than in any other urban area of Brazil, preserves the habits of Native Brazilian tribes.

Next, travel to the wonderful city of Fortaleza, where the party life is as big as the working economy. Move onto the city of Recife, known for its colourful and vibrant carnivals, high rise glass structures and a colourful coral harbour. Experience the true essence of Brazil’s culture at the city of Salvador, right from its religious structures to its exotic coastline. Next on the journey is the monumental capital of the country, Brasilia.

Visit the ancient city of Goiania before you move onto the captivating mountains in the city of Belo Horizonte. The city of Rio de Janeiro is next on your destination with its beautiful white sands beaches, vibrant rainforests and blues seas. Finally, arrive in the city of Sao Paulo for its wonderful Mediterranean culture and weather which is the perfect destination to complete your journey. The other cities that are a must visit are Belem, Curitiba and Porto Alegre.

This pulsating country is not without it’s captivating attractions, magnetic colourful culture and rich heritage. The symbolic Corcovado Mountain with the iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer standing at 710 metres, is one of the most celebrated attractions in the world. Visit the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountains, where the cableway and panoramic view of the city is to die for. No trip is complete without experiencing the happening at the iridescent Copacabana Beach where locals and visitors alike spend sunny days spread on the pristine sand or riding the waves. Visit the majestic beauty of the Iguaza Falls for a captivating view of Brazil’s nature. And lastly, football fanatics should visit the iconic stadium of Maracanã, which hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup final.

The cuisines of Brazil are varied and reflects its geographical location and culture. The national dish of feijoada, a hearty stew comprising of black beans, pork and beef served with rice and green collard is a must try for meat lovers. Rice and brown beans are a common meal here served with side dishes like the farofa, spaghetti, vegetables and French fries. Travellers can try delectable seafood cuisines in coastal areas, especially in the northeast region. The local snacks that are a must try are the lanches sandwiches, salgadinhos, coxinha, empada, misto quente, pao de queijo and pastel.

There is a plethora of exciting water activities that can be done in this country. Soccer is the most celebrated sport hereand you will find a lot of locals playing that game. Charter a yacht and sail the watery blue seas, go snorkelling or deep sea diving in deep coastal areas, explore the mountains for a peaceful walk amongst nature or indulge is jungle safaris.

No matter how you plan your trip mishaps can occur and when they do, having the right protection in place can be a welcoming relief. Flexicover offers a range of travel insurance (including single trip, annual multi-trip and gap year travel insurance) to ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the unexpected. Let Flexicover travel insurance be a safety net to cover those possible journey hiccups.

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