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Belarus travel insurance

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Belarus travel insurance

Belarus may seem an isolated country to visit, but therein lies the beauty of its appeal. Belarus is a quaint and tranquil country that comprises of a blend ofi European charm and a Soviet inspired rule. Travel here today and explore pleasant offerings that will definitely enrich your travel experience.

Polack is the destination to begin your journey. Apart from being one of the oldest citites in the country, it has considerable architectural heritage that is worth visiting and exploring. Next, travel to Viciebsk also known as Vitsebsk. Known as the cultural capital of the city, there are plenty of attractions to explore here. A must visit is the art museum dedicated to Marc Chagall, the famous painter. The capital city of Minsk is your next destination. When you are here, visit its splendid art museums and churches before you travel ahead to Baranovichi. Here you will find plenty of historical remnants of the World War 2. Finally, finish your journey at the city of Pinsk which is a popular place for all youth centric activities. Apart from this, you will find the major attractions of the Jesuit Collegium and St. Theodore Cathedral here.

Inspired by its cultural influences, this tranquil country has a lot of beautiful attractions to offer to its visitors. Amongst all the natural wonders, you must visit the beautiful Bialowieza forest. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the iconic European bison and efforts are being taken to ensure that this primeval forests retains its former charm and beauty. Another natural attraction to visit are the beautiful Braslaw Lakes. Located amongst a large area of pine trees, this beautiful landscape presents a scene of beauty like no other. Belarus is not without its architectural attractions. A must visit is the Mir Castle Complex, which is a 16th century gothic architecture inspired citadel accompanied with 5 towers. The Brest Fortress is also a must visit. This 19th century former Russian fortress currently stands as a World War II monument today. For true historical and architectural beauty, you must visit the Rumyantsev – Paskevich residence, which is also known as the Gomel Palace. Built in the early 17th century, this beautiful palace is also one of the major landmarks in the city here.

With a rich cultural heritage and humble offerings, you will find a lot of the meals based on a combination of potatoes, pork, bread and beef with a distinctive European flavour here. A must have is the draniki which is often served with a soup and sour rye bread. Most of the meals comprise of a soup and a main dish, which can include a delectable array of babaka, lipka tatars, kishka or skilandis. You can even try the kalduny, the local dumplings, Italian ravioli or kalduny count tyshkevich. Along with this meal, you can try locally brewed vodka or harelka or even mead. Don’t forget to try kvass which is the national drink.

There are plenty of activities one can do here, especially during the winter time. While you can tour the local attractions or view the various museums and churches, a must visit are the natural monuments. For that quick adrenaline rush with a touch of coolness, you can visit the ice rink and try your luck on thin blade skates. You can also go on a relaxing cruise near the coastal area where you can relax and unwind, or view the local marine scenery.

Ensure that you plan a trip that is filled only with the best of adventures and memories. But you must be prepared to face unexpected incidents and events that can hamper your trip and even cause harm to your safety. While it is nearly impossible to avoid such incidents, it is best to be well prepared for them. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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