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Barbados Travel Insurance

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Barbados Travel Insurance

Part of the Caribbean archipelago islands, this tiny country is one of the vibrant and exciting places to visit. This wonderful island will provide you with a great and wonderful adventure especially for travelers like you!

This large cluster of archipelago islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean is an exciting and wonderful place to visit. Each unique island provides a great opportunity for adventure and the potential to explore for exciting quests especially for travelers like you!

Begin your eventful journey from the city of Speightstown where you will be greeted with the lush green hills, to the endless fields of the historic sugarcane fields till the city of Belleplaine. From here, move on to the infinite sandy beaches for a quick surf on the water or walk through the lush green hills of Bathsheba. Next stop on your journey should be the charming town of Holetown for its exciting nightlife. Journey to the capital town of Bridgetown and visit the natural harbor with its plethora of old colonial buildings. Seek out an adventure amongst the various hidden beach coves and perilous cliffs surrounded by the blue waters in Crane Beach. Move on your bountiful journey with the local modern town of Oistins and visit the famous fish industry that thrives here and complete your journey at the bustling town of St. Lawrence with its endless hotels, bars, restaurant and shops.

This exotic water bound island has a lot to offer through its wonderful history and culture. Visit the islands iconic Anglican cathedral of St. Michael built in 1665 and bask in the splendor of its beauty. The other religious structure that is a must visit the Barbados Synagogue built in the 1600’s. a family trip will not be completed without walking through the Barbados Wildlife Reserve filled with abundant mahogany trees and the scurrying of various wildlife here. For a walk through historic nostalgia, visit the iconic house of George Washington and his last days of stay. If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing stroll, the Pebbles beach is the ideal place to linger on a quiet evening.

Seafood cuisines are scrumptious rage here for locals and visitors alike. Fly fish is the local delight, which is consumed as a snack, in the form of sandwiches or in the local recipes. The common cuisine for fly fish involves it being lightly breaded and fried with the hot scotch bonnet pepper, onion and mustard sauce making it a peppery delight. The Pepprpot, a local pork stew in spicy dark sauce is a delight for meat lovers and a must try for visitors.

There is a plethora of exciting water activities that can be done in this island. Go scuba diving or snorkeling within the colorful coral and you might be lucky enough to swim alongside vibrant fish and exciting sea turtles. Take a submarine tour to the depth of the sea or take a cruise near the selected snorkeling zones. For land activities, you can indulge in an adrenaline rush when you zip line over the forest or even take a calm walk on one of the several beaches around the island.

However you plan your trip there are certain factors that need to be a priority especially when it comes to safety of you and your family. No matter how well prepared you are mishaps can occur, and when they do having the right protection in place can be a welcoming relief. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, annual multi-trip travel insurance, gap year travel insurance and long stay policies, can mean that you are well equipped to deal with the unexpected.

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