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Bahrain travel insurance

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Bahrain travel insurance

With the first look, Bahrain will seem like any other Arabian country, but with its vast amount of attractions and ancient monuments, do not be surprised if you find your feet swept away with the marvels here. Bahrain has a very rich Arabian culture, yet it offers its visitors a more relaxing experience than the other countries. All in all, this country will make an excellent opportunity to travel to!

Begin your journey at Manama. Known as the “sleeping place” by the locals, this capital city is best known for its post twilight activities and ventures. Jidd Hafs is your next destination. Here, visit the various beautiful mosques and matams before you travel to your next destination. Next, travel to Al Jasra, known for its splendid handicraft centre and its scattered private plantations. A’Ali is your next destination, where you must view the ancient burial mounds that surround the town here. Next, travel to Awali, where you must visit the vast golf course for a bit of a sports adventure. After this, travel to Al Areen. This once desert landscape has transformed into a tourist attractions filled with various natural reserves, spas and water park. Next, travel through the rustic village of Ad Dur located near the coastal area. Askar is your final destination. Within the rustic village of this destination lies the iconic shrine of Sa'sa'a bin Sohan.

This water bound island country has a lot to offer through its wonderful history and culture. Visit the ancient Qal’at al – Bahrain fort, which was built in 2300 BC. It is also home to several antiquities from other cultures, which will definitely provide a point of interest to history lovers. Another fort that is a must visit is the Arad Fort. This 15th century structure has a distinctive Islamic architectural style, making it one of the important structures in the country. Additionally, due to its strong religious presence, you will also find a lot of intricate and mesmerizing mosques here. The Al Fateh Grand Mosque was once such a religious structure. Although it is one of the largest in the world, it also holds one of the largest collections of ancient books and reading material. You cannot miss visiting the Amwaj Islands. This man made structure is the modern day architectural pride of the country.

Keeping in touch with its Middle Eastern roots, you will find a lot of Arabian base meals here. You will find a lot of meals which contain produces like dates and local fruits. From the local game, you will find plenty of goats and sheep, along with seafood delights like the hamour and safi. One of the local delicacies is the qoozi. The khubz is also another local delight, which is normally served with mahyawa. To complete your meal, do try the halwa showaiter also known as the halwa Bahraini. Coffee also known as gahwa is served here as the local beverage.

There are enough of activities here to keep you entertained during your travel here. Apart from touring the local attractions you can also indulge in various water adventure sports. Swimming, sailing and scuba diving are some of the popular choices for locals as well as visitors. You can also go golfing in the spacious and lush green courses in selected cities. Camel rides will definitely provide a delightful experience, especially for families. If you are looking for an automobile adrenaline rush, you can always attend the Grand Prix F1 race at the international circuit which is normally held in April.

Surely you will plan your trip keeping in mind, the excitement and adventure one can get out of a trip. However, at such times, you will be unprepared for any unexpected and unplanned mishaps or calamities. Such events can hamper your trip and even your security. At such times, travel insurance will provide you with the best safety. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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