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Albania travel insurance

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Albania travel insurance

At a first glance, Albania will seem like any other country. But its natural beauty and vibrant society has attracted a lot of visitors from around the world. Its picturesque lands offer some of the best and unique attractions apart from its quaint villages and historically rich archaeological sites. This Mediterranean land is slowly becoming a popular destination for travellers, so travel here for a wonderful and exciting stay!

Begin you journey from the mountainous town of Bajram Curri and travel through the splendid and lush valleys before you reach your next destination. At Shkoder, soak in the rich Gheg culture and visit the splendid attractions before you travel to Lezhe. Don’t forget to visit the various remnants of the Greek colony here before you travel to Kruje and experience its various museums. Next, travel to the lively and colorful Tirana, which is the capital city of the country, after which, you must travel onto the urban and crowded city of Durres. Next, travel to Kavaje and visit its various monuments of nature before travelling ahead. Your next stop will be the culturally rich populated city of Elbasan, after which, the coastal city of Pogradec is next on the itinerary. Travel onto the beautiful city of Berat and its various Ottoman houses, before moving ahead to the city of Fier. Vlore is your next stop, with Permet as your next destination and onto Gjirokaster. Finally, complete you journey at the city of Sarande where the splendid coastal areas make for a relaxing end.

Albania provides a large variety of historic and natural attractions, leaving visitors in admiration and awe. A must visit is the splendid and beautiful Et’hem Bey Mosque, with is beautiful frescoes and intricate motifs. The Rozafa castle makes for an excellent visit, with its beautiful and ancient architectural designs. Dive in the Lake Skadar and come face to face with the local marine life. Don’t forget to visit the iconic monument of the Skanderbeg Square, which stands as a symbol of the country’s history. If that isn’t enough for you, hike up the splendid mountain of Mount Dajit, where it is a popular retreat for quick getaways and adventure sport enthusiasts.

Albania isn’t known only for its attractions. With several mouth watering dishes, visitors can chose from a variety of delectable choices. Try the stews which vary with the regional influences and culture. Don’t forget to try the scrumptious byrek and the iconic feta cheese at any opportunity you can get. No meal can be completed with a the delicious pastries created here. You can always down you meal with the locally produced raki, beers or wine.

If you are looking for an adventure sport here, you will not be disappointed. Go hiking and trekking up the mountains where you can experience the wonderful and thriving nature here. You can also paraglide and zip line from selected mountains. Winter makes for the perfect time for snowshoeing and skiing. Don’t forget to go rafting along the stunning gorges within the country. The seaside makes for a perfect opportunity to go fishing, diving and snorkeling apart from other activities.

No matter what you do or plan, it is always important to protect yourself and your family. With a distinct possibility of mishaps and calamities occurring, a safety net is an ideal way to protect yourself and your family. Flexicover, with its range of single trip travel insurance, multi-trip travel insurance, gap-year travel insurance and many other covers, ensures that you are well equipped for every eventuality.

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