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Winter weather drives safety awareness

Frosty mornings, ice and snow appeal to the child in all of us. But would we think of those weather conditions in the same way if we had to drive abroad? The key to driving in the depths of winter is to be prepared. recently published the following tips to help keep us as safe as possible:

Don't rush your journey.

Ideally, don't go out at all but, if you do have to go out in bad weather, make sure you allow more time than normal. Listen to local weather and traffic reports to be aware of which areas to avoid and what you could be up against.

Check your car is winter-proofed.

Top up on antifreeze and screen wash, test your brakes, make sure your tyres are inflated correctly and check your lights are all working. Keep a warm coat and a spade in the boot just in case!

Take extra care when driving in bad conditions.

Slow down and brake very slowly rather than braking normally. Even if you can't see any ice or snow, the roads could still be slippery and your car will take longer to come to a full stop. So bear this in mind - drive carefully.

Embrace the winter.

Make sure you have insurance cover when travelling abroad. We all hope we'll never need it but when you do it can be a lifesaver. Check with your motor and travel insurance companies that you're fully covered to drive abroad, including for breakdown recovery and any medical expenses resulting from an accident.

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