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We all scream for ice cream!

When the summer sun is blazing, one of the most popular ways of cooling down is a scoop of sumptuous ice cream.

These days you don’t have to settle for the classic flavours of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate with the gamut of innovative and exotic blends such as melon or mojito on offer. In a cone or in a cup, generously covered with fruit, nuts or chocolate sauce, enjoy every moment – it’s not just for kids!

The Flexicover Team have considered some global tastes in this creamy treat for you.

Ice Cream City; Tokyo, Japan

Ice Cream City, located in Tokyo’s Namja Town in the Ikebukuro Sunshine City complex is a place like no other. With over 10 stores selling ice cream alone and more than 300 different flavours between them, this is every ice cream lover’s paradise! You can find some of the planet’s most unusual and adventurous flavours here. Check out the taste of octopus, crab, wasabi or snake flavours – if you dare!

Perché No!; Florence, Italy

Perché No! translates as “why not?” and is a fabulous ice cream parlour (gelateria) in Florence. Established in 1939 it is highly prized even by the Italians! Everything is freshly made on the premises using wholesome ingredients without emulsifiers or powdered milk for a genuine home-made taste. And the selection of flavours is truly delectable with local favourites including sesame and honey, ginger, green tea, tiramisu and Sicilian cassata (made with ricotta and candied fruit). Or if you prefer, try their wide assortment of fruit sorbets and granitas.

Giuseppe Ricci; Madrid, Spain

A local favourite and the snaking queues into this establishment are proof enough that this is the place for ice cream. This dessert parlour has refreshing seasonal flavours such as mojito and melon as well as richer ones such as After Eight, a great combination of chocolate and mint, or chunky pistachio! It is also one of the few places in the Spanish capital where you can enjoy soy and vegan ice cream whatever the weather!

Devon House; Kingston, Jamaica

Built in the 19th century, the Devon House Heritage Site in Jamaica is a national monument and a huge attraction idolised by thousands of visitors each year. It’s also home to the island’s most celebrated ice cream stand ‘I Scream’. Its 27 flavours range from Bordeaux cherry and pistachio to Caribbean staples like sour sop and mango, and there’s even a unique beer-based one called ‘Devon Stout’. National Geographic rated it as the fourth-best place in the world to eat ice cream! Plus, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon relaxing in its courtyard or strolling around the sprawling gardens – you will not be disappointed by the sights or the taste!

Fenocchio's; Nice, France

This family-owned business, started in 1966 in the old town of Nice, is strategically placed for ice cream – by the seaside. Its range of over 94 flavours carries many uniquely French specialities indigenous to the regional cuisine. You can try thyme, lavender, black olive, orange blossom, tomato-basil or verbena and revel in the tastes of the Mediterranean! Fenocchio’s is also famous for its sorbets, with over 35 flavours and its delightful ice cream cakes are a rare treat. A true dessert experience to be savoured!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!