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Unique transport modes

Unique transport modes Planes, trains and automobiles may be the order of the day for transport in the UK but travelling from A to B elsewhere can be very different.

What may seem strange to us is simply the every day for many. Some means of travel offer great sightseeing experiences, a few are adventurous and others, a bit scary!

You might like to get into the local spirit and try some of these unique transport modes...

Camels, Jordan

The Camel is one of the most practical creatures in Jordan and still very much at the forefront of its transportation. Camel rides are very popular and remain a highlight of anyone's trip, especially through the Wadi Rum or 'Valley of the Moon'. Try a camel safari that combines a trek and camping with the Bedouins! If Jordan doesn't take your fancy, consider Egypt or the Arabian Emirates. Take a ride around the pyramids near Cairo or alternatively into the desert around Dubai - you won't get the hump with this holiday!

Dog sleds, Norway

This quirky mode of transport is still very popular in countries located near the Arctic or simply wherever there is a lot of snow! Norway is a great example of where locals use canine transportation to get about, particularly when drifts are piling up and wheeled vehicles would get stuck. An incredible adventure by dog sled through gorgeous winter landscapes awaits you in Norway; combine it with an overnight stay in a log cabin! Wrap up warm and for the best conditions, visit between November to April.

Elephants, Thailand

Before roads were built and rivers fully navigated, elephants were a major form of transport in Thailand and are still used today for both tourists and commercial purposes. Whether it's for a short ride or a full day of trekking, no trip to Thailand is complete without an elephant journey through the jungle! Live like a local; sit back, enjoy the ride and harmonise with nature. India and Sri Lanka are also good places for riding elephants.

Junks, South China Sea

These ancient Chinese sailing vessels were originally constructed during the Han Dynasty (third century BC) and are still in use today! Originally used for a variety of purposes from long-distance trade to military transport; history records that 400 junks were used by a Ming general to capture Taiwan from the Dutch. Popular in China and, more so today, in Hong Kong, these signature boats are used by tourists and locals alike. Don't miss out on a traditional ride along Victoria Harbour - a stunning way to admire Hong Kong's backdrop of skyscrapers!

Rickshaw, India

These three-wheeled motorised vehicles are fantastic for getting you about in the fastest possible time! Originating in Thailand where they are known as TukTuks and now used all over Asia as the most economic (if not entirely the safest!) means of travel. With carrying space for 2 passengers and maybe 1 suitcase, they are fun, easy to catch and cheap. For the best ride, try them in India where the traffic-swerving drivers and conditions of the road make for an exhilarating rollercoaster ride. Rickshaws may also be runner-pulled (by humans) and bicycle-driven.

Chicken bus, Guatemala

Public transport in Central America often refers to 'chicken buses' where passengers and caged livestock are crammed into old US school buses. You can't miss them in Guatemala - often decked out in vibrant colours with neon lights and fading posters with a young brocha or helper calling out destinations and sweeping up passengers. Ride on one of these and you will definitely be in for a memorable adventure, saving a penny or two in the process! A great way to observe the daily life of the region!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!