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5 top points to be considered before getting online travel insurance.

The most important factor to consider when buying online travel insurance is ensuring that it fully meets your needs. It is worth taking a little bit of extra time when purchasing online to ensure you have a policy that will cover the key requirements of your entire trip. The last thing you want is to have a policy that isn’t adequate in your time of need.

Here are some points that are worth considering before buying online travel insurance.


Ensure that the policy you have chosen will cover you for your trip. For example, a trip to the States will mean you will need a worldwide including America policy, not a European one. Often, you may think a country is in a particular area, however, in the world of travel insurance, it may be different. Your provider is able to let you know if the policy you are selecting will extend to the country you are visiting and if you are booking a policy online then make use of the extensive help facilities that are available which should have very detailed information about areas of travel displayed. If you are travelling on a cruise or a trip where you will be visiting multi-countries then ensure your policy will cover all of the countries of your intended trip.


Ensuring that your policy covers you from the moment you are away till the time you return is crucial. Often a week is actually 8 days (7 nights) so do please ensure your policy is valid for that duration. If you are travelling for a long period of time, or more than one trip in a year, an Annual Multi-trip may suit you better, or even a Gap Year or Long Stay policy. Ensure you are choosing the policy that best suits your specific needs. If you have an annual policy then do check that it does not expire whilst you are on holiday, leaving you without cover. Most annual policies can be renewed up to three months before you travel. You should receive an automatic reminder for renewal one month before your policy expires.

Policy type

If you are travelling with your partner or as a family, look into the type of policy that will work out best value for you. Family policies are popular and generally include children up to the age of 18 years at no extra cost. A couple policy may work out better value than buying 2 separate policies. Group policies may often be discounted. On many couple policies, independent travel is also allowed.

Cancellation cover

In unfortunate circumstances, trips do have to be cancelled. It is important to have cancellation cover at least equal to the cost of your trip booked. Cover for cancellation will vary between providers so please ensure you pick the one that meets your specific needs. Cancellation cover will start from the date that the premium has been paid, so do ensure you book your insurance as soon as your holiday is confirmed. In this sense, cancellation cover comes free. It is important to understand under what circumstances cancellation is allowed as certain circumstances (e.g. the death of a distant relative or a pet) are generally not covered.


If you are considering taking part in any sporting activities whilst abroad then do ensure your policy covers these. You may be going skiing or snowboarding or you may simply decide to do a parasail on the beach! It’s best to have the cover just in case. Some policies will include a number of these activities as standard; others will need to be added on for an additional premium. Check the policy wording carefully to ensure it meets your needs. Most insurers do provide a list of sports and activities they cover as standard. Other activities would need to be specified or in the event of a Winter Sport, the policy would need to be extended for a small premium to have this option added.

The above 5 points are important to consider when buying online travel insurance but there are also other factors to consider such as declaring medical conditions.

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