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To be or not to be, that is the question!

Little niggles including lack of preparation can turn a holiday of dreams into a disappointing time away, if not a nightmare.

The Flexicover Team have highlighted some useful tips for (a) pre- travel (b) in transit (c) destination care and (d) on your return home for a safe and enjoyable trip! Check ‘em out!

Before you travel

  • The check list
  • It helps to prepare a schedule listing everything you would need - slippers, sun hat, luggage labels, even a book! Keep the list with your travel documents. This will ensure you pack swiftly and get everything right, first time. Retain the list safe for next time - it will certainly come in handy!

  • Pack in plastic
  • We all have our own packing systems, whether we fold, roll or stuff, but try packing in clear zip lock bags. Push the air out of the bags and your contents take up less room with minimal creasing. You can divide items into type e.g. t-shirts, shorts etc. or split your outfits by days. On unpacking you can see what you want - no rummaging or digging deep in your suitcase! Additionally, if you are collared at customs or security, you only have to remove the bags and the contents can be seen clearly.

  • Travelling with prescription medication
  • If relevant, obtain your doctor’s confirmation of your medical condition in writing and carry the medication with you, in case it goes AWOL with your baggage. Keep your medication in its original packaging ensuring that your name on the packaging matches your passport. If you are travelling in company, it might help if your companion carries part of your medication stock separately from you, it could be a life saver if you lose your own!

    In transit

  • Security check
  • It is well-known that after Christmas, flying is one of the most stressful experiences. Give yourself plenty of time for checking in, conform with regulations, wear shoes that can easily slip off, ensure your pockets are empty, have laptops out of their cases and ensure your liquids are no more than 100ml and can fit into a small clear plastic bag. Avoid jest with security personnel – you could be considered a possible danger to a flight. Zero tolerance applies!

  • Keep hydrated
  • The recycled aircraft air is dry, around 5-11% humidity; the moisture is literally sucked out of you. It’s important to keep hydrated. This is not a major issue on short flights, but you are likely to get a ‘non-alcoholic hangover’ if you don't drink enough water on long-haul flights. To retain a fresh complexion, ladies should avoid heavy make-up in the air and gentlemen should avoid shaving before a flight, as both will dry the skin.

    Destination advice

  • Orientation
  • On arrival at your hotel, obtain a map of the area, marking your hotel, a couple of landmarks nearby, the nearest metro or railway station and the airport you flew into - most hotels will be happy to oblige. This will give you some orientation of where you are relative to your hotel. Throughout your trip, carry the hotel’s details with you in case you lose your bearings; that way, if you do not speak the local lingo, any taxi driver will get you back to your hotel.

  • Where's my toothbrush?
  • How many times have we been away and forgotten our toothbrush? Don’t panic, before running to the shops check with your hotel. Most will have spare toothbrushes, combs, sewing kits, disposable razors and the like that they will provide, generally free of charge. Most hotels are also an amazing source of information and guidance on touring, dining and touristy activities.

    The return home

  • The key to getting home

Finally, here is the last and possibly the most valuable tip: Put your door keys in a safe and easily accessible place. Don’t just lob them recklessly to the bottom of the largest suitcase and then forget about them. After a long flight and a lot of waiting around at various points of your trip, the last thing you need is a frustrating delay before you drop into your favourite arm chair with a cuppa! Emptying the entire contents of your luggage on to your driveway in the pouring rain in the middle of the night is no fun!

Wherever you decide to travel, Flexicover Direct, the travel insurance specialists, are committed to providing the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away.

We hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend and if you are travelling soon, have a great trip!