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Summer foods

Summertime is a time for rewards – you’ve made it through the cold and dark of winter, now it’s time to enjoy yourself! And what better way to treat yourself than with something tasty? For those travelling abroad, sampling the local cuisine is often one of the top priorities – you’re bound to find something to delight the taste buds in the traditional offerings of your destination!

Local cafés or street markets are good places to sample this fare and, if you’re impressed, maybe speak to the locals and pick up the recipe to try at home as a reminder of your holiday experiences.

There are some fabulous dishes globally that are perfect for the season, each a delicious local speciality waiting to be explored. The Flexicover Team look at some great summer treats for you to try!

Elote - Mexico

Elote, the Mexican version of corn on the cob, is a popular street food, usually eaten on a stick. You can have it grilled or boiled with popular condiments of butter, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice and/or chilli powder added on top. Whilst it may be higher in calories than other styles, it’s a memorable treat and well worth it, particularly if made fresh! Popular on the street, at markets and at festivals, you can also get it served sliced into a cup (known as esquites).

Som tam - Thailand

Som tam is Thailand’s famous spicy salad made from shredded unripe green papaya, fish sauce, lime, palm sugar and chilli peppers (usually bird’s eye chilli on the streets of Bangkok). Traditionally, this is made by mixing all the ingredients in a mortar and pounding them together to release the flavours. It’s a fabulous summer delight plus this national dish is healthy, fresh and low in fat! Although it’s often served alongside sticky rice and grilled chicken, depending on where you are in the country, you may also be offered it with crispy prawn or crab too. Definitely one for adventurous tastebuds if visiting Thailand or south-east Asia this year!

Affogato - Italy

Affogato means "drowned" in Italian and this coffee based beverage-cum-dessert is a delightful summer treat. Comprising a scoop of vanilla gelato topped with a shot of hot espresso, it’s a perfect blend of bitter and sweet. Some variations also include a shot of amaretto or similar liqueur for a slightly more indulgent treat. Enjoy it in an outdoor Italian café whilst basking in the sunshine and taking in the sights and sounds at a relaxed pace!

Meze - Greece

Common in the Balkans, Mediterranean and Middle East, a meze (also mezze or mezé) is a mixed platter of small, tapas-like dishes, ideal for sharing. It gives you the choice to sample a bit of everything, revelling in the variety that the local bounty can offer. Greek mezes are often a combination of hot and cold dishes, such as feta cheese, Kalamata olives, egg salads, bean dishes and fried vegetables alongside bounteous seafood like grilled octopus, taramasalata and calamari. Enjoy one in a local Greek taverna, overlooking the sea, with a cold beer, for a truly laidback taste of the summer!

Peach cobbler – United States of America

This simple but timeless, old-fashioned American dish is delicious and the perfect end to a nice summer meal. British settlers, unable to replicate the suet puddings they were used to, so they set about creating a new and homely dessert. A staple in the ‘Deep South’ of the USA, cooked peaches are covered in a blanket of biscuit crust and baked to a golden tan. The combination of hot, juicy peaches in their syrup and the crispy yet yielding topping is just bliss! Indulge with vanilla ice cream on the side for a mouth-watering summer delight. For some of the best, head on down to Georgia, also known as the Peach State!

Wherever your travels take you this summer and whichever treats you are lucky enough to try, we at Flexicover are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away. Safe travels!