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Remote restaurants

Good food takes time and effort, both to prepare and to enjoy. But there are some restaurants that take that ethos of ‘no gain without pain’ even further.

If you’re prepared to travel you can be assured of some amazing culinary experiences! There are some fabulous restaurants the world over which have made a speciality of their location. These establishments offer something above-and-beyond to complement their food and make your menu extra special.

Whether located in the middle of the ocean or on the edge of a cliff, for an ‘eatery with a difference’ the Flexicover Team pick out some unusual highlights.

The Rock Restaurant; Zanzibar, Tanzania

Perched, unsurprisingly, on a rock jutting up out of the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean, just off the beautiful Michanwi Pingwe beach in Zanzibar, is the Rock Restaurant. For the freshest seafood treats cooked in the spices Zanzibar is famous for, this extraordinary establishment is one of Flexicover’s top choices. Hop in a boat gliding over translucent surf or wade across the silken sand in low tide to get there – the journey is half the fun! Once there you’ll experience how the food and the views blend together in perfect harmony for a unique meal, the memory of which will linger with you for a long time. Be sure to book early, though, as the place only seats 14!

Fäviken; Järpen, Sweden

Located in the town of Järpen, at the foot of the fabulous Jämtland Mountains, this hard-to-reach restaurant is owned by Magnus Nilsson, a key figure in the “New Nordic” cooking scene. This remote place is set on an expansive estate and focuses on serving fresh seasonal produce throughout the year. Enjoy fresh game, fish and a full array of condiments all salted, jellied and pickled in house – in fact, there is only a handful of ingredients that it brings in from off the estate! The stunning scenery and fresh culinary delights make the long travel to this gem (rated as a Top 10 world restaurant by Zagat in 2013) an experience second to none!

The Old Forge; Lochaber, Scotland

For the thrill of real isolation, you can’t go wrong with this one! Famous for its Guinness World Records listing as being "The Remotest Pub" on mainland Britain, The Old Forge is a cosy and welcoming inn you’ll be glad to visit after an 18 mile hike or 7 mile ferry ride to the village of Inverie (there are no roads linking this settlement). It’s worth the trek to indulge in beer-battered haddock and chips on arrival and enjoy fine ales. Other menu highlights are fresh seafood and the local bounty sourced locally. Escape the busy modern life and spend a long, scenic weekend in this part of the Highlands!

Nordasti Hagi; Faroe Islands, Denmark

On the fifth-largest of the Faroe Islands, on windswept, boggy tundra about an hour from the nearest road, is Nordasti Hagi, a rustic 100-year-old farmhouse on the island of Sandoy. The menu is not pretentious – just a great, simple restaurant with the freshest ingredients. Local lamb is roasted and cut at your table, prepared just for you and served along with homegrown vegetables. It’s a feast for both tourists and locals! With few landmarks, getting there may be a bit tricky (so ask a local or the tourist office). Nevertheless, when you do make it, you will be rewarded with beautiful views and a surreal experience!

Le Castellet; Costa Verde, Brazil

Located in a secluded spot on the south-eastern coastal edge of Brazil, in the town of Paraty, is this wonderful, intimate restaurant, run by a French-Brazilian couple. The low lighting and stone walls contribute to a romantic feel from this charming eatery. Enjoy traditional French favourites of crêpes, croque monsieur and salade niçoise with generous wine and complimentary home-baked breads. Save room for the crème brûlée and don’t miss the house speciality, brandy-infused grapes. This place is a must-visit site if touring Brazil or just visiting the environs of Rio de Janeiro this year!

Wherever your (gastro) travels take you this year, we at Flexicover are committed to providing you the highest level of protection to ensure that you are safe and secure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when away. Safe journeys!