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Europe for Free!

Any break can be expensive, especially if you’re travelling abroad and with the family. Excursions and activities can add a lot to the cost of your trip. So instead of spend, spend, spend, why not consider some of the many low-cost and high-fun things you can do on holiday?

The Flexicover Team recommend some free things to do in Europe.

Free! Cycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen may not be the cheapest city in Europe but its commitment to health and transport is second to none; so grab some wheels for free and go for a ride around the city! There are 1,300 free bicycles on offer via the ‘Bycyklen København’ program and the uniquely designed bikes are popular amongst tourists and locals alike. They are easy to use – you simply insert a 20 DKK coin (approx £2) as a refundable deposit, just like a shopping trolley – and the bike is yours! There are 110 cycle-parking areas centrally located around the city so you won’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. It’s a great, green city to explore and it’s no surprise it’s often referred to as the world’s leading cycling city!

Free! Comedy in Edinburgh

Throughout August, creative folk from all over the world descend on Edinburgh for the various cultural festivals taking place in venues across the ancient city. The most well-known of these is the Edinburgh Comedy Festival often referred to as the Fringe. Go to soak up the amazing, almost street carnival-like atmosphere, particularly on the Royal Mile! Whilst you could ordinarily pay a lot to see well-known faces, the PBH Free Fringe ensures access to a variety of fantastic acts such as Jollyboat (musical comedy), Fat Kitten Improv (improvised games) and 2011 Comedy Newcomer Award nominee Cariad Lloyd (character comedy). All they ask is for your laughter and maybe a few coins in the bucket afterwards – but only if you enjoyed the performance!

Free! Modern Art in Nice

Whilst many visit the French Riviera for the sun and sandy beaches, there are some wonderful attractions in the towns as well as by the sea. Just 10 minutes from Nice’s city centre you can gain free entry to MAMAC (Musée d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain or the Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art). It’s a major cultural hub in Nice, enjoyed by tourists and locals alike, and boasts a variety of exhibitions embracing traditional and contemporary art of the 20th and 21st centuries. With collections by Yves Klein and Andy Warhol, art enthusiasts will definitely want to drop in. And for added measure, check out the stunning views from the museum’s rooftop!

Free! Culture in Paris

As a capital for cutting-edge fashions and leading cultural trends, Paris is notoriously expensive. But on the first Sunday of every month, the celebrated Louvre is free to everyone so plan your trip accordingly. The Louvre was originally a palace but is now one of the largest and most visited museums and art galleries in the world! Take a stroll through its halls and revel in the enigmatic beauty of the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo. With over 35,000 pieces of art, the Louvre is a jewel of French culture!

Free! Food in Milan

Even in one of Europe’s major food and fashion centres, you can get a free meal! In Milan, it is customary for bars to lay on snacks at aperitivo time. All you need to do is buy any drink and you can fill your plate with whatever has been laid on. From nachos and sausages to cheeses and olives, you’ll find a generous range and quantity of fare. This surprising feast usually begins around 6pm and can last until 9pm; so enjoy this Italian secret and tuck in! The food is ‘just like mama used to make’!

Free! Chess in Salzburg

For something a little different or a bit more cerebral, head for Kapitelplatz in Salzburg and try out a free game of street chess! A large chess board has been painted onto the stones of the square and while you may have to wait your turn, it costs zilch to take part and onlookers will gather around making it a great atmosphere. There are various barrels set up around the giant board where you can have a go at playing on more traditionally-sized chess sets too!

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!