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Eastern Europe – The Hidden Gem!

Many travellers visiting Europe hop between the better known cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome and even Berlin but may never delve into the Eastern fringes. There is so much to see and do in Eastern Europe with each destination offering a cultural experience of its own.

If your brush with Eastern Europe reminds you of a troubled history of war and communist regimes, a happy surprise is in store for you. You will be captivated by its lush countryside, beautiful mountains and perfect coastlines nestling amongst its fabulous architecture, fine cuisine and great night life!

The Flexicover Team take a peek.

Bucharest, Romania

Also known as ‘Little Paris’ with its wide tree-lined boulevards and quaint Belle Époque buildings, Bucharest is now a bustling metropolis and Romania’s capital. A visit to the Romanian Athenaeum, a beautiful concert hall and one of the prettiest buildings in the city will leave you spellbound. Stroll through Herastrau Park and visit the open-air village museum, one of the oldest in Europe boasting buildings reflecting Romania’s rural architecture. Take time out for the Parliament Palace, its imposing structure is one of the heaviest in the world! Once you’ve had your cultural fix share the evenings with the locals, partaking in their exuberant life, great food and drink. Any traveller’s delight!

Sofia, Bulgaria

This up and coming city is a great place to spend a weekend! Green and fully walkable, this is a dynamic city with lots to offer. From beautiful orthodox churches to museums, art galleries and theatres - don’t miss a visit to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world, the symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction. Sofia’s National Art Gallery has over 50,000 works and displays one of the most important collections of medieval arts in the world. Stroll along one of its many parks and zoological gardens or hit the ski slopes of Mount Vitosha, it’s an experience like no other! And if you love shopping, visit the Vitosha Boulevard, full of world famous brands! And just when you have had enough for the day, relax in the hot springs or one of the many spa complexes in this majestic city!

Kiev, Ukraine

Situated on the Dnepr River and boasting architectural monuments recognised throughout the world, Kiev is a city that has rapidly become an attractive tourist destination. Visit the soviet-built suburbs on the far bank, stroll through the hilltop parkland overlooking the Dnipro River, enjoy a drink in the lively atmosphere and eat well - how could you miss chicken Kiev? Visit the most holy place in Ukraine, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, a cave monastery built by monks in 1051 and look up the great patriotic war museum and Saint Sophia cathedral. Beautiful gardens, parks and landscapes make this a must-visit city for anyone!

Warsaw, Poland

After its destruction during the last War, Warsaw has boldly grown and rebuilt itself to become the nation’s urban and commercial centre. Taking over from Krakow as the capital, Warsaw has developed into the cultural hub of the country, full of energy and action! Spend the morning visiting the Royal Castle (located in the Castle Square) and the historic cathedral of St Paul’s and then roam around the fabulously restored Old Town Market Square, a popular tourist area. Explore Lazienki Park, an attractive garden complex surrounded by canals and ponds - and when visiting the Palace on the water, watch out for the free-roaming peacocks! The social scene is quite diverse, so it’s always a treat to spend evenings in local cafés, throbbing bars, casual diners or partying till dusk - never a dull moment!

Bratislava, Slovakia

This pleasant medieval inner city, whilst relatively small, is quaint and perfectly located by the river Danube. The old town is centred around two different squares and is full of charming narrow winding streets and burgher’s houses (the Burghers are a Eurasian ethnic group, originally from Sri Lanka). This historic neighbourhood also boasts some of the city’s most important buildings such as the former Palace of the Hungarian estates and the Leopold de Pauli Palace. Take a leisurely boat trip whilst visiting the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum on a small island approximately 20km from the centre of Bratislava. Bratislava welcomes you!

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If you are travelling soon, have a wonderful trip!