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Best Beaches to Visit in Turkey In 2015

Turkey Beaches

Published: 14 April 2015

The land of Turkey is home to a glorious history, rich heritage and layered culture that make Turkish family holidays as much of an educational venture as a wonderful travel experience. But apart from these intangible virtues, the country is also home to a gorgeous coastline and spectacular beaches. Just a 3-4 hour flight away from the UK, beach holidays in Turkey offer the perfect mix of sun-bathing and hours of seaside fun. We think it’s one of the best beach holiday destinations to visit this year.

The Flexicover Team have picked out some great beaches you should include if visiting Turkey in 2015!

With a stretch of 18 km, this is the longest beach in Turkey and also considered by many to be the most beautiful. The Patara beach has beautiful white sands with a gentle slope and shallow waters that is great for swimming and it’s quite safe for children to play in the shallow areas of the sea as well. Its soft sand has made it an excellent beach for turtles to leave their eggs, thus granting it protected status, meaning development has been kept to a minimum, letting you truly revel in its natural beauty. You can also explore the ruins of the ancient city of Patara near the approach road to the beach.

This is the most famous beach in the country, pictures of which you have undoubtedly seen in all the Turkey travel brochures and guide books. And with good reason, too. The ‘Blue Lagoon’ with a backdrop of towering mountains and a fringe of pine trees makes for an unbelievably magnificent sight. The place got its name of Ölüdeniz, which literally means ‘Dead Sea’, because the water here is so still. Apart from swimming in the breath-taking blue water of the lagoon, if you are feeling adventurous, try paragliding; the view of the lagoon and beach from the sky is one you won’t ever forget.

This beach is found near Antalya, making it an ideal spot for a beach holiday in Europe, since you can relish your time by the sea while still enjoying the delights of urban life. The nightlife and shopping in the city of Antalya lures travellers and tourists from all over and is quite an attraction in itself. The Konyalti beach that curves around the limestone cliffs on which the city is built is great for swimming and lounging in the sun. Follow a dramatic sunset viewing experience on the beach by a jaunt in any one of the many clubs, bars and restaurants in the city or even indulge in a shopping spree to end one of the most fabulously fun Turkish beach holidays.

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