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Be careful what you claim for....

Two British law graduates who tried to defraud a travel insurance company by claiming their luggage had been stolen whilst backpacking have been sentenced to community service in Brazil and fined nearly £4,000.

The two young women told police that thieves stole around £1,000 worth of possessions, including iPods, digital cameras and a laptop computer while they were travelling on a bus from a tourist resort near the Igua Falls, to Rio de Janeiro.

However, the police became suspicious of their relaxed attitude and the fact they took several days to report the apparent crime. The police subsequently inspected their accommodation in Rio where they uncovered some of the belongings reported stolen.

The women, both aged 23, arrested on 26 July, were sentenced to 14 months in prison but a judge reduced the punishment to community service and a fine.

It has been reported that as a result of the community service order they may have to stay in Brazil for at least eight months, unless their appeal succeeds.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of any crime, make sure it is reported to the police within 24 hours and you obtain an incident report which you will need when making an insurance claim.

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If you are travelling soon, have a great trip!